10 Day Close

Our TEN DAY CLOSING allows buyers to close quickly on a home,
putting them in a much better position for a multiple offer situation.

There is no upfront cost or commitment.

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Most buyers get “Pre-approved” or “Pre-qualified” for a mortgage.

This usually means that the loan process will begin formally when you go under contract for a home. This process can take up to 45 days to complete and often buyers will get passed up in a multiple offer situation based on the seller having to carry the costs of another mortgage payment, taxes and insurance for another month.

At Infinity Mortgage we fully underwrite your loan and clear all of the necessary conditions prior to you making an offer. This will put you in a much better position as a multiple offer bidder because the loan is complete!

When the offer is accepted, we immediately order an appraisal and request title insurance, a survey of the land, and home owners insurance. Infinity Mortgage has exclusive agreements with our industry partners that allow us to complete this process in ten days.

At a Glance

Complete the Mortgage Loan Application

Submit all of your supporting documents

Appraisal Ordered

Title Insurance Ordered

Submit Homeowners Insurance or Let Us Get You a Quote

Survey Ordered

Clear to Close Received