Home Loan Pre-Approval

Getting a home loan doesn’t have to be difficult

Use the following list as a starting point to make sure you’re prepared when the time comes


A valid driver’s license and social security card or acceptable alternative forms of identification

Bank Statements

ALL pages of your last two months bank statements. Statements must include name, address and account number.

Income Documents

Pay stubs for the last thirty days

Tax Returns

W2’s and/or 1099’s for the last two years and IRS tax returns for the last two years

In some cases additional documents are required.

Your mortgage professional may request the following items as needed.

Additional Income Sources

SSI awards letters, retirement account statements, verification of rental income, and documentation for other income will be requested as needed.

Current Real Estate Statements

Mortgage and tax statements, insurance bills, and a copy of home owners association dues will be requested for any properties you currently own.

Court Documents

Child support orders, a divorce decree, and bankruptcy filings will require documentation.

Information on Current Residence

A current lease agreement may be necessary to establish a payment history.

Once under contract, we will need evidence of earnest money being paid.

It is very important that we receive information on your choice of home owner’s insurance within one week of going under contract